Welcome to the grayest kingdom you’ve ever seen, where colors and feelings are strictly prohibited. Today is Prince Viridian’s tenth birthday party, and it’s supposed to be the least eventful event anyone has ever seen. But, when a mysterious colorful creature suddenly bursts onto the scene, it throws everything off balance!

This whimsical new TYA musical – based on the book The Prince's New Pet by Brian Anderson – invites young audiences and their families to embrace their feelings and revel in the colorful chaos of life.

Welcome to the grayest kingdom you’ve ever seen, where colors and feelings are strictly prohibited. Today is the young prince’s tenth birthday party, and the scrupulous royal Color Catcher and townspeople are determined to make it the least eventful event anyone has ever seen. (“The Grayest Birthday Ever”)

Meanwhile, King Cerulean reminds his son Prince Viridian to keep his feelings in check, afterall, colors breed feelings and feelings are exceedingly dangerous! Young Prince Viridian – an emotional fellow in a world that forbids emotions – is determined to suppress his feelings and make his father proud. (“Tone it Down”)

When Prince Viridian arrives at his gray party, the townspeople invite him to blow out the candles on his cake. He closes his eyes tight and makes a true, honest wish.

Suddenly, an iron chest falls from the sky, and an adorable, rainbow-colored creature bursts onto the scene – it’s a Wooglefoof! The Wooglefoof leaves a trail of color and emotions wherever she goes, as Prince Viridian watches in awe. (“Something Wondrous”)

The Color Catcher springs into action and traps the Wooglefoof in a cage. While the cuddly creature shivers in fear, the Color Catcher reveals his latest invention: an enormous gray machine that will remove all color from the kingdom – once the machine is ready, the kingdom will be gray forever and the Wooglefoof will cease to exist. Then he throws the Wooglefoof in the dungeon. (“The Smogafier 2000”)

Prince Viridian suddenly remembers his late mother’s warmth and love of color. As his father tries to stop him, the prince reminisces about Queen Perylene’s incredible color creations. (“The New Shade Parade”) Heartbroken, King Cerulean, commands his son to forget about color, forget about feelings, and forget about his mother.

Back in his chambers, the Color Catcher boasts about his prowess as the world’s greatest Color Catcher. Meanwhile, Prince Viridian defies his father’s wishes and goes on a mission to rescue the Wooglefoof. He travels across the kingdom and inadvertently discovers the townspeople hiding bits of color. Finally, Prince Viridian finds the entrance to the dungeon and goes inside. (“Nothing Gets By Me”)

Deep in the dungeon, Prince Viridian comforts the frightened Wooglefoof. (“Shadows”) As soon as they’re calm, an ominous creature emerges from the dungeon! But it’s just Murialis, the eccentric court painter, imprisoned for her use of color. Murialis shows them around her vibrant underground world, complete with works of art and fireworks. For the first time, Prince Viridian is encouraged to express his emotions. (“I Feel a Feeling”)

The Smogafier 2000 springs to life and starts sucking color from the kingdom! The Wooglefoof falters and grows weak. Prince Viridian is determined to save her. Prince Viridian, the Wooglefoof, and Murialis go back to the kingdom to destroy the Smogafier 2000 and end the royal grayness! But the Color Catcher bursts on the scene and warns the townspeople about the dangers of color. (“The Chaos Color Brings”)

As the machine sucks the life out of the Wooglefoof, Prince Viridian cries and blueness spreads across the land. The townspeople grow sad, as Murialis comforts them. (“I Feel a Feeling - Reprise”)

The Color Catcher drags Prince Viridian away and takes him to face King Cerulean. Clouded by all of the color in the land, King Cerulean finally opens up about the real reason he banned color – he could not tolerate the pain of losing his wife, Queen Perylene. (“Enjoy The View”)

Prince Viridian tells his dad he doesn’t have to go through this alone, if they feel the feelings together, they can rebuild. (“Open Up”) Moved, King Cerulean decides to reverse the royal grayness!

King Cerulean and Prince Viridian storm into the town square and tell the Color Catcher to shut off the machine, but the Color Catcher refuses! They battle. Just as the Color Catcher is about to strike the king, the Wooglefoof erupts in a blaze of color and stops him!

The Color Catcher drops his sword, but it’s too late, the Smogafier 2000 has almost completed the irreversible grayness and the Wooglefoof’s weaker than ever. Prince Viridian gets an idea, he runs to the dungeon and returns with fireworks. He hurls them at the Smogafier 2000! It explodes and releases color throughout the land, as the Wooglefoof springs back to life! Together, everyone celebrates the power of feelings at Prince Viridian’s colorful birthday party. (“In Living Color”)

Cast size: 8+ actors

  • Prince Viridian (Tenor) An emotional fellow in an emotionless world. Today is his 10th birthday.
  • King Cerulean (Baritone) A protective father who wants to shield his kingdom from pain.
  • The Color Catcher (Tenor) An ambitious man who is very good at his job – some might say too good.
  • The Wooglefoof (N/A) A cuddly, colorful little creature who spreads feelings wherever she goes.
  • Murialis/ Queen Perylene (Soprano)- An eccentric artist with a flair for the dramatic (as Murialis) & The sensitive, colorful queen (as Queen Perylene)
  • Baroness of Blah (Alto) A woman who is, indeed, very blah.
  • Duchess of Humdrum (Soprano) An uptight, humdrum lady.
  • Archduke of Monotonous (Tenor) A pompous, monotonous bloke.


We suggest doubling the roles of Murialis and Queen Perylene. If you prefer, Murialis and the Queen can also be played by two different actors.

The ensemble can be expanded to include additional characters. The lines for Baroness of Blah, Duchess of Humdrum, and Archduke of Monotonous can be divided up amongst multiple performers

The Prince's New Pet was written for audiences of kindergarten to third grade students and their families.

The Wooglefoof can be played by an actor or a puppet! Our photo gallery has examples of both.

Major themes of the show include learning how to express your feelings and parent-child relationships.

The run time of the show is about 50 minutes.

The size of the cast is flexible. The minimum cast size is 8.

Simple projections and light cues may be used to indicate moments in which the Wooglefoof is spreading color.

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The Wooglefoof at Stimulus Children's Theatre
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The Prince and the Wooglefoof at Fuse Productions
3 / 30
The set of THE PRINCE'S NEW PET at Stimulus Childrens Theatre
4 / 30
"The Grayest Birthday Ever" at Stimulus Childrens Theatre
5 / 30
"The Grayest Birthday Ever" at Fuse Productions
6 / 30
"The Grayest Birthday Ever" at Utah Story Center
7 / 30
"Tone It Down" at Fuse Productions
8 / 30
The Color Catcher at Fuse Productions
9 / 30
The Color Catcher at Utah Story Center
10 / 30
The Wooglefoof and The Baroness of Blah at Fuse Productions
11 / 30
Prince Viridian, Ensemble, and Audience at Utah Story Center
12 / 30
"The Smogafier 2000" at Stimulus Children's Theatre
13 / 30
"The Smogafier 2000" at Fuse Productions
14 / 30
"Something Wondrous" at Fuse Productions
15 / 30
"The New Shade Parade" at Fuse Productions
16 / 30
"The New Shade Parade" at Stimulus Children's Theatre
17 / 30
"Shadows" at Fuse Productions
18 / 30
"Shadows" at Fuse Productions
19 / 30
Murialis and the audience at Utah Story Center
20 / 30
"I Feel a Feeling" at Stimulus Children's Theatre
21 / 30
"I Feel a Feeling" at Fuse Productions
22 / 30
"I Feel a Feeling" at Fuse Productions
23 / 30
"I Feel a Feeling (Reprise)" at Stimulus Children's Theatre
24 / 30
Murialis and Prince Viridian at Utah Story Center
25 / 30
"Enjoy the View" at Fuse Productions
26 / 30
"Enjoy the View" at Utah Story Center
27 / 30
"In Living Color" at Stimulus Children's Theatre
28 / 30
"In Living Color" at Fuse Productions
29 / 30
"In Living Color" at Stimulus Children's Theatre
30 / 30
Bows at Utah Story Center

Price: $299 for unlimited performances for a six month period

Licensing package includes:

  • Digital orchestrated accompaniment tracks (.aif and .mp3 files)
  • A digital piano/vocal score
  • A digital libretto
  • Vocal recordings for your cast to practice with (.aif and .mp3 files)
  • Permission to make unlimited copies of the libretto and score
  • Permission to post video of your production online
  • Use of the copywrited logo for promotion and merchandise

Questions? Reach out to


· The Prince's New Pet


Orchestrations by Maren Hansen and Zach Hansen

Prince Viridian: James Wakeland
King Cerulean: Devin Glenn
The Color Catcher: Luke Logan
The Wooglefoof/Queen: Kat Balanzategui
Murialis/Queen: Meg Flinders
Duchess of Humdrum: Maren Hansen
Baroness of Blah: Natalie Savage
Archduke Monotonous: Seung Choi


Anthony De Angelis (Music) is a composer, musical director, orchestrator, and arranger living in NYC.

As a composer, he’s had shows produced at The Utah Fringe Festival and by FUSE Productions in State College, PA. Most recently, his newest show, “AN AXEMAS STORY,” was produced at The PIT in NYC. He’s also a member of the BMI Workshop. His orchestrations have been played by both The New York Pops and The Cincinnati Pops. In addition, he contributed charts to Randy Rainbow’s “Hey Girl, It’s Christmas,” as well as writing various arrangements for pops orchestras around America.

As a pianist and musical director he’s worked on over twenty B’way and off-B’way shows in positions such as Associate Musical Director for BRIGHT STAR, PACIFIC OVERTURES, and KID VICTORY. Fun fact, he’s also appeared on The Tonight Show playing none other than the accordion.

Christyn Budzyna (Lyrics) is a musical theatre lyricist based in New York City.

Works include: BAKED GOODS (2016 Sound Bites Festival, 2017 City Theatre Summer Shorts Festival winner, 2018 Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival winner), BOTS! (Beat by Beat Press), THE CLAW (Beat by Beat Press), FROM THE MIXED-UP FILES OF MRS. BASIL E. FRANKWEILER (developed at the 92Y), THE PRINCE'S NEW PET, and “The Lights Before Christmas” poem (Commissioned for the Bryant Park Christmas Tree Lighting Skate-tacular).

Christyn is a member of the Dramatists Guild and the Tony Award-honored BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop.

Jessica Penzias (Book) is an award-winning librettist and playwright.

Her shows have received more than 1,600 productions in 75+ countries around the globe. Selected works include: FROM THE MIXED-UP FILES OF MRS. BASIL E. FRANKWEILER, THE FOX SISTERS, THE CLAW, COULD YOU HUG A CACTUS?, SUPER HAPPY AWESOME NEWS, THE SHOW MUST GO ONLINE, BOTS!, THE PRINCE'S NEW PET, THE WHOLE DAMN THING, BOOMER, and the book Group Scenes for Young Actors.

Jessica is an alum of the 92Y Musical Theater Development Lab and a member of the Tony Award-honored BMI Musical Theatre Workshop, where she was awarded the Jerry Harrington Award For Outstanding Creative Achievement. Her work has been developed at New York Theatre Barn, The Lark Play Development Center, and Berklee College of Music.

As an associate at Jill Furman Productions, Jessica aided in the development and production of HAMILTON, CINDERELLA, SUFFS, and FREESTYLE LOVE SUPREME. She holds a degree in creative writing and theatre arts from the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude with honors.